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Special presentation gift

The presentation gift of this bespoke Drum Table was made by the Regimental Sergeant Major and Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess, 1 Scots. to Lt. Col. B. Wrench of The Royal Scots Borderers on 4th July 2013.

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Presentation Drum Table

The Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess commissioned me to make the floor lamp. I had to make alterations to the side drum and fit the engraved glass “drumskin”. An unusual project and not as straight forward as it appears, as it was slightly oval. The LED light inside the drum illuminates the “skin”. It shows up the commemorative dedication and the badge of the Royal Scots Borderers on the engraved glass very well. I used an LED bulb as it would not create the same build up of heat as a more traditional bulb.

I fitted the drum shell on a base of Sapele wood, which raises it from the floor and allows the electric cable a bit of movement. A floor switch makes turning the lamp on and off very easy. There is more than enough room on the glass table top for a couple of drams. Cheers!

The Royal Scots Borderers Pipe band have taken part in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

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New Trophy

Presentation Chanter Stand

presentation chanter stand, bespoke, maple, rosewood, award, trophy, made in Scotland, engraved brass plate,

This presentation chanter stand was recently commissioned as an award for a piper completing a pipe majors course. The main base was maple, with two hand turned and carved rosewood columns supporting the chanter. A brass plate was engraved and fitted before being presented.

I borrowed a chanter from a friend who plays the bagpipes so I could get the curves right. I also used the borrowed instrument  for the photo.

The completed base was given two coats of Danish oil and finished with a satin lacquer to keep it maintenance free.

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The design of a chanter stand can be tweaked to allow for more than one chanter, for example. If you prefer blackwood or ebony instead of rosewood to match your chanter then that could be arranged. I only buy exotic hardwoods in small amounts for specific projects, and always from Cites certified sources. So it is always from a sustainable source.

The base could be carved or engraved directly onto the wood. The base could also be a different wood – oak, ash or elm are other good alternatives. You choose.