Replacement finials really will help to finish a gable end of a building, the top of a dormer, or even a tower!

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Many Victorian buildings these days just have a stump where a finial used to be. What a shame! Not only does it not look good, but water can get in and the home owner can encounter  more problems with rotting rafters and damp.

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Finials of all sizes made to order

I can make replacements in many styles and sizes to suit, in pitch pine, oak or mahogany, and they will last for generations to come. A little architectural joinery and turning can really make a difference.

Wood finials are not just for the top of a building, however. They can be found on pieces of furniture too, on the top of chair legs for example. Or on the top of antique grandfather clocks. These are obviously much smaller and usually made from a finer grained wood. They are also quite easily broken. As these are usually matching pairs they also have to be stained and finished to match the surviving example. Look out for a post elsewhere on my site all about smaller turned items for furniture restoration. I will try and publish it soon.