Chess Sets

Chess sets

Chess sets come in many sizes and styles. This traditional outdoor set is made using Scottish Oak, sourced locally to me. It is designed to be played on a board with 26 cm to 30cm squares, the Pawns are 30 cm high and Kings are 65 cm high with 20 cm diameter base, but I can make  to your sizes.

I have found Oak to be the best wood for these outdoor sets; it is durable, tough and produced from renewable local sources.

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If you would like more details on prices and shipping,  or maybe you would like a chess set a little smaller, or with a theme of your own, send me an e-mail with your questions or ideas.

Chess sets with a theme

I also make Chess Sets with a theme. I designed and made the Scottish Medieval Set below for a client wanting the theme of MacDonalds v. MacLeans. The castles are based on Scottish Tower Houses, and the pawns all have clan emblems carved onto their shields.  Great Fun.