Newel Caps

Most staircases have some kind of newel caps on the newel posts.

I can make replacement newel caps for your staircase. Perhaps they were removed by a DIY enthusiast in the past. Ask a neighbour if their newel posts are complete, take a photo and e-mail me the digital image, J-Peg preferably, and I will let you know how much, or little, it would cost for me to make a replacement cap for you.

I can also make caps with a more unusual design. What do you have in mind?

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These two caps are both variations on the same theme. They are square with rounded corners. The mouldings match the originals and the undersides have a rebate to fit onto the newel post. One has a more pyramid shaped top, while the other has kept a more defined flat top. These examples were from sets of caps that I made for staircases in extensions. I made them to match the original caps using photographs supplied by the clients.

Quite often the same design can be made in pitch pine, scots pine, oak or mahogany. I can also make them bigger to suit larger posts. Not all designs, however, work in a smaller size.