Specialist Joinery

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Specialist joinery items are made in my workshop by hand using high quality materials. I can supply you with bespoke joinery items which your joiner can fit for you, whether you require carved barge boards, decorative gables, finials or arches and corbels. I can produce custom made copies of original Victorian joinery for your restoration project or extension.

You might want to do some research on your house to find out its history. To find what details might be missing from your staircase, for example, try asking a neighbour, especially if the houses are in the same style. The same builder might have constructed several houses in your street and fitted the same details, possibly made by the same joiner. Take photographs. Take dimensions. I should be able to work from them to make replacement parts.

You might be lucky enough to have access to original architects drawings. Or your house might be in an old black and white photograph. A recent customer found a photo of his house with the original owners children standing outside the door. The photo also showed detail of features around the windows which had long gone. I was able to recreate them and now the house porch has regained its Victorian features and looks much better.