Celtic Knotwork

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I have shown hand carved celtic knotwork in exhibitions with The Royal Scottish Academy, The Royal Glasgow Institute for the Fine Arts and private galleries, with clients in Scotland, England and as far afield as Japan and USA.
Knotworks are a strong link to Scottish history, and in that respect the Celtic crosses and knotworks that I have carved have been very satisfying work. They have elements of traditional design, but also have a modern edge. The larger crosses and knotwork carvings I have made are suitable for both indoor and outdoor display. Smaller knotworks and other carvings are better suited to being indoors.

I was first introduced to the possibilities of carved interlaced work by the book “Celtic Art, The Methods of Construction” by George Bain. The book was first published in 1944 and shows the methods of construction for Celtic knotwork and interlacing borders. It also gives examples of where the original patterns occur and shows variations of the patterns, which can be found on carved stonework, metalwork and jewellry. Pictish stones show many examples of knotwork carving skill.