Bespoke Awards

Bespoke Awards

A great way to celebrate the winners at corporate and charity events is to present them with  bespoke awards.

The client produced the initial designs, with the layout based on their geometric branding pattern. We discussed the scale and what would work best.

I used reclaimed and recycled materials, oak, mahogany sapele, maple and pitch pine woods to make triangular blocks. Before assembly, I selected the layout of the different woods to create apparently random colours, so each award was unique, while keeping the same triangular pattern. After I glued them together to form the patterns I planed the woods flat.  Next, I shaped and polished some recycled copper,  fixing the triangles to the wood to give a shiny appearance to some blocks.  Once the awards were assembled I sanded everything to a very fine grade.

I added a face of gloss black Perspex to one side. This was later etched and printed with the award name, winners name and of course the sponsors details and logo. The client chose white lettering, which stood out very nicely on the black surface.

Finally, I gave these bespoke awards a coat of Danish oil then a satin acrylic lacquer finish. The lacquer will keep the wood looking good on the winners shelves for years to come.

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I can make awards for your event or competition using similar materials and patterns, or something quite different which might be based on a logo or branding. Let me know what you have in mind and we can work on the design together to make your special bespoke award.