New Spindles !

New Spindles in Victorian style

spindles, reclaimed, pitch-pine

Spindles, reclaimed pitch-pine

These spindles in reclaimed pitch-pine were hand turned to match an original Victorian pattern for a clients house extension, and are an example of the architectural woodturning I often get asked to do. They are now ready to be dispatched to the client who can complete another stage in their building  project.

The pitch-pine I used was very well seasoned and a perfect match for the original wood. It was reclaimed from 200 year old beams salvaged from a demolished mill. The client gave me an original spindle  to use as the template. Once the spindles were turned I gave them a thin coat of lacquer to seal them. It won’t take long before the colour blends nicely with the original staircase in the clients house.

I can also make balusters  like this in oak, Douglas fir, mahogany or another timber to suit the client.

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